Pure Streaming Podcast

The Pure Streaming Podcast is a collaborative project between myself, Emma Arbuckle and Naomi Kehoe, the three peas in a podcast. The aim of our project is to provide a platform to the city’s young creatives, weather that be music, arts or anything that they feel passionate about while also having some craic. We want to create an environment, that, no matter if it’s their very first interview or their 100th that they feel comfortable to talk openly and honestly about what they truly love. For each podcast we like to focus on one individual or project with a more relaxed approach by inviting them to take part in the whole show. We want to remove the impersonal approach by allowing our guests to enjoy the entire experience and take part in some games and more light hearted aspects of our show and just have some fun with us. By using this approach we hope to instil confidence in each individual with the finished product being a downloadable podcast. This will then be something that they can share with not only friends and family but use to promote themselves further on other platforms.

The project itself was born out of a mutual love, respect and passion for everything creative that this city has to offer. Having been ardent supporters of the arts and the music scene here, we were already incredibly aware of how much talent already existed.  Since launching our project the amount of messages or people that have approached us to tell us about something they are working on, has been overwhelming. From local artists and photographers with exhibitions, musicians who are about to release new music, zine makers, poets, graphic designers the list goes on at who has contacted us. Making us believe that this project is not only needed but is essential to help the development of our young people.

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